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Dragon land: A funny adventure

Though gamers might compare this game to the Mario style, but with its free-to-play elements, it is one of the simplest yet adventurous games offered by Social Point. It is an awesome 3D platform with a multiplayer gaming setup. It comes with a set of challenging skill features, dirty bosses and complex yet stunning levels. It is a simple and nicely put game with greater degrees of challenge. Though it is easier to complete a level, the challenge lies in finding special gems and keys scattered around each stage.

We start by controlling one dragon who seeks to reach out to his friends and rescue them from evil bosses. With each one his own set of skills, with their own moment in the spotlight which have to be unlocked. The dragon evolves subsequently in later stages like Mario. It also bops on enemies on the head by jumping on them and leaping from platform to platform. Also, if you stay too long on a platform, it might crumble under the weight of the dragon.

There are blocks for you to jump and gain coins. These coins are later used for up gradation since each level requires the dragon to have certain required minimum skills to compete; otherwise it can’t escape the current level where he is trapped. Also, there are things to be finished off in one level before moving on to the next. One might have to come back to the previous one to look for more clues. You have only five hearts or attempts to play a level while one gets a recharge for one after a considerable and a set amount of time. The colorful landscapes make it so attractive and full of fun to explore. The adventures are worth looking for in this game with its secret levels and 100 level campaign modes full of rewards and items to look for.


You can also customize your dragon with cool skin for added fun. The game is available on both ios and android version. It is ideal for bite sized playing, simple to pick up and play and also it looks cute, but has a restrictive energy flow with a system full of odd designs which might hamper the fun, but who cares for design when it comes to playing for pure fun. The next time you think of an adventure game, this is the place to be. The game takes your breath away for sure.

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